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Education Services

Reliable Network Connectivity Solutions

Educational institutions are dramatically changing with the increased usage of information technology in every facet of the learning experience. From class registration to student communication, to long-distance learning, schools and libraries need increased bandwidth.

NSS works with schools and libraries to provide fast, affordable and reliable network services. We know that budgets are tight and IT staff is stretched. We are network topology experts and we can help your educational institution build and maintain an effective and secure network.

We also have worked with the E-rate program and can offer guidance to help you get the most funding available for your school’s network Internet access. Learn more here about how we can work with you with the E-rate program.

NSS has worked with schools and libraries across the United States, and we are experts in providing network connectivity to meet the specific needs of the education market.

Network Connectivity

We provide a full range of voice and data services, including:

  • Private line point-to-point, T-1, DS-3, OC-X
  • Local telephone services, PRI and switched access lines
  • Long distance services, both dedicated and switched
  • HIPAA-compliant MPLS networking
  • Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
  • Internet access and Ethernet connectivity
  • VoIP and SIP access solutions
  • Email and web hosting

To learn more about how NSS can provide network connectivity for your school or library, please contact or call 1-800-726-2575.