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About the Rural Health Care (RHC) Program

The Rural Health Care (RHC)  federal universal service program provides funding for rural health care providers to help ensure communications and broadband necessary to support health care is both affordable and available.

Financial support provided by the RHC program can be used to support telecommunications services, monthly Internet access fees, and long-distance fees for Internet access. A rural health care provider can achieve cost savings for current services, upgraded services or new services.

NSS is a telecommunications and network services provider with a long and successful track record participating in the RHC program.  With more than two decades of telecom experience, NSS is a trusted partner of major U.S. carriers and regional telecom providers.

Applying for RHC funding is the responsibility of the healthcare provider; however, NSS can help ensure that you have the proper tools necessary to ensure a smooth application process.  Some ways that we can help are:

  • Analyze state and federal funding options and make recommendations on which programs may be best suited for your company’s needs
  • Provide proof of the rural rate/cost of service
  • Ascertain a copy of the signed contract, if applicable
  • Research and ensure you have a qualified urban rate
  • Guide you to the appropriate links at www.usac.org to assist you in your filing needs
  • Answer general questions in regards to the programs available to you, so you can better understand what is available

NSS is an FCC-registered network connectivity provider, and our Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) is 143029752.

For more information about NSS or the RHC program funding process, please contact sales@nssconnect.com or call 1-800-726-2575.