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To operate in today’s world where information sharing is a critical application, your business, school, or hospital requires fast, reliable and secure data transmission. NSS provides various data programs including Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Metro Ethernet, and Private Line Service.

We have trusted partnerships with all the Tier 1 telecom providers to ensure congestion-free transmissions across state-of-the-art network backbones. We offer managed services for end-to-end implementation, monitoring, repair, and response needs. We also can create Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to enable users to securely transfer encrypted data across the Internet to remote sites.

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) private networks utilizes the latest technology to seamlessly connect multiple office locations. MPLS is fully meshed and ties all locations together, regardless of the transport method used for each location. NSS can design, deploy and maintain your MPLS to give you an integrated end-to-end solution linking locations, users and applications.

Our MPLS solution is provisioned across a Tier 1 carrier network, using MPLS to provide routing and manage quality of service (QOS). NSS provides a flexible, robust network architecture and offer unified communications among all locations providing any-to-any connectivity.

Our MPLS service includes:

  • Network access circuits and edge hardware including routers and switches
  • NSS-designed system to properly size and configure network resources
  • Four Classes of Service (COS) to match application needs and prioritize traffic flow
  • No need to purchase additional VPN equipment
  • Optimization of network performance and availability ensuring service level guarantee
  • Simplified pricing and invoicing to ease budgeting and accounting, and includes flexible billing options
  • Web-based reporting providing up-to-date status of network performance and availability

To learn more about the right data solution for you, contact or call 1-800-726-2575.

Metro Ethernet

NSS offers Metro Ethernet designed to fit your exact needs. Whether for file transfer, email, or accessing the Internet, Ethernet can provide a low overhead, high quality connection. By replacing legacy Frame Relay and ATM services with Ethernet-based services, you can reduce your costs and simplify network administration by using LAN technology over the Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN).

Metro Ethernet services provide optical network linkages between locations utilizing the Ethernet protocol over Layer 2 of the OSI interconnection model. This service is available as a “pure” Ethernet service from the carrier and can also be provisioned over traditional SONET connections (Ethernet over SONET). Ethernet and IP-based services leverage the investments made in LAN connectivity within the enterprise and can reduce the costs associated with data termination and transmission between sites. Applications include database access, collaboration, virtual meetings, video conferencing, and dedicated data transmission.

Private Lines

A private line data solution offer reliable data communications services with guaranteed throughput, constant and predictable latency, “always on” connectivity through a secure, dedicated channel.

NSS developed a simple-to-order and simple-to-use DS-1 private line service for those applications where the endpoints are within the same state. We manage the entire process from purchase and installation to ongoing maintenance .

Our private line service includes:

  • A single, flat rate price from end-to-end for any private line within a state
  • Ease of installation by a dedicated NSS project manager
  • High quality networks from tier 1 carriers
  • Simplified repair processes with a single point of contact
  • Flexible billing options that allow multiple lines to be grouped on a single invoice

For more information about our local or long distance voice solutions, contact or call 1-800-726-2575.