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NSS is your full-service resource for your voice solution for your hospital, school, library, office, or business. We have 20 years of experience in delivering voice services for hundreds of clients.

We offer high-quality local calling and access to global long-distance networks. We can provide this service to you through our partnerships with all the major Tier 1 telecom carriers. Our clients enjoy state-of-the art telecommunications services combined with our superior customer care.

Local Calling Service

NSS can recommend, design and implement a local-calling communications package that provides the service level most appropriate for your business needs. Standard features of our voice solution include:

  • 23 Voice Communications Paths per
    primary rate (PRI) connection
  • T1 local loop and channel termination
  • Flat rate local usage
  • Intra LATA-wide calling
  • 911 system access
  • Caller ID
  • Directory assistance listing

Long Distance Service

Based on your specific needs, our cost-effective long distance service uses either a single-rate service or a multi-tier billing using several underlying telecom carriers, with all charges presented on a single month invoice. Our seamless network and integrated services eliminates any patchwork international calling. Our long distance solution provide consistently reliable service and competitive interstate and intrastate rates.

For more information about our local or long distance voice solutions, contact sales@nssconnect.com or call 1-800-726-2575.